I'm finding station to be horrifyingly slow. There are 3 issues in particular.
  1. On load there is a lag of some 10 seconds or so before it opens up - with no sign of any activity.
  2. Sometimes switching between apps in Station stops working. You click and there is no sign anything is happening. Then 20 or so seconds later, it switches apps.
  3. When you click a link to be opened in a browser, there is no sign anything is happening. Sometimes 30 seconds later a blue spinning ball appears. Sometimes you have to open the link manually (using control click), and shortly after having opened the window Station decides it will act on your first instruction. Sometimes you can do neither.
I trust Station on the basis of the Product Hunt seal of approval. But, I'm beginning to think I need to switch to Hive, or an alternative.
I also keep looking for an update (in your menu bar for example), in case bugs are getting fixed. But, I don't see anything which makes me concerned that Station is dead in terms of progress. Encouraged to see this board.