Julien was good enough to give me access to the station extension. I have been a long time user of the app on OSX so I'm not thrown by the extension too much. My thoughts after the first hour:
1) Miss not having custom extensions
2) Can I assume the apps will move around based on usage? Haven't seen that so just checking.
3) Since I didn't have much history for these apps in Chrome (using the Station stand-alone) I am surprised that there is not a "launch feature" -- meaning I add the Auth0 app. If I click on it there is nothing there (since I don't have it in my history). No way to launch to that website so I have to leave the extension, go to Auth0 and later I see items in it. Did I miss something?
4) Was alittle confused with the email to gain access. One said to remember "CONTROL + ENTER" -- but "command-E" is the extension on OSX. Maybe that is for window users?
5) Since I'm now using the native Password1 X extension, things are much smoother than the stand-alone application.
Thanks for the opportunity,