Folders on the dock, to group apps together. And then maybe the folder would

expand into a second dock where the different apps are shown like in the main


When I’m working without an external monitor, I have to scroll a lot in the

dock (19 apps at the moment). And I really don’t like that. The scrolling

part, but also don’t have an instant overview of all my apps.

If I could group apps together that, for my workflow, are used together, I

could bring back the overview and I won’t have to scroll in the dock.

For example Tweetdeck, Facebook, Buffer are apps I use only when I’m doing a

particular task.

Even better would be that when the vertical space isn’t there, the apps would

be grouped together in a folder or something. And when I’m on a big monitor,

the apps would be normal in the dock, but maybe with a visual divider to show

that the apps are actually grouped.