We have on our roadmap the project to open Station platform to developers (we

sometimes internally refer to this project as “Station extension SDK”).

As of today, we haven’t worked on this nor clearly defined what it would look

like. Nevertheless, we received some interest of such possibilities, so, I’m

opening this topic now to gather ideas and discussion around opening Station

platform to developer.

As developer, how would you envision working on Station?

What parts of the product should be open?

What are the ideas of project you think would make sense for you?

On our side, here the few ideas we have in mind:

give access to Station thru a extension system (similar to Chrome extension) with a SDK that’d allow to plug into the different parts of Station

get inspiration from Atom code editor plugin architecture

add the possibility to plug into the quick-switch / search (Cmd+T), notification center, the subdock (hover-menu on dock icons)

add a widget system

Let us know your thoughts!