Version 2.8.1
🌟 What's new
  • Faster and more relevant search ⚡️
We now have a completely new search engine for Station. It means that showing results is 10x faster than it was before and we show much more relevant results based on how frequently and recently you've been to a specific page.
  • Product Tour 📣
Many of you mentioned that they felt we could do a better job at onboarding users on the product. We couldn't agree more so we've created a product tour to guide through the interface. You can trigger it anytime from the settings wheel -> "Restart Product Tour"
  • Switch to guests on Slack 💬
You can already switch to any direct conversation or channel on Slack at the speed of light from Station. You can now also switch to any guests in your workspace!
🔨 What improved
  • Search through your entire history
We used to only allow you to search through the most recent part of your history. We now allow you to search through your entire history.
  • The App Store is much faster
From searching to adding applications, we've made interacting with the App Store overall a much smoother experience!
  • Navigation to Slack channels
We've improved the navigation in Slack. There were links that brought you to a thread instead of the right channel you wanted to switch to.