Version 2.5.0 (Extension)
🌟 What's new
  • Power Up!
It's the start of new beginnings! We've added 2 integrations to help you search exactly what you need. Connect the new
in the new section in the AppStore and you're set!
(Settings > Edit apps > Power-Ups)
Google Drive
: search anything in your Google folders, docs, sheets, slides.
: search for Direct Messages, Group Messaging, Channels.
🔨 What improved
  • App filter navigation is faster
Navigation between apps is snappier, resources are displayed instantly ⚡️
  • Station opens faster
We continued to work on the performance and it improved by 75%, it now loads in less than 100 ms!
  • Results are more pertinent
We've improved the results of your search based on the frequency you visit those pages.
  • Loading state while searching
We now display the right loading state when you are searching and waiting for a result. No more "No Results" when we are actually still searching for your query.
  • Unselect an app filter
Sometimes we can forget we are searching and an app is selected in the filters. So we don't find what we are looking for and it's frustrating. Well now we remind you that you have a filter activated and you can disable it in one click.
🐞 What's fixed
  • We've fixed the bug where when hitting CMD in Station, it would scroll and bring you to the top of the result list.
  • We've also added the missing arrow icon indicated that a tab is already open in the Most Used section.