Version 2.4.0 (Extension)
🌟 What's new
  • All your chat navigation in one tab
Chat apps don't need several tabs in the browser ;) We've improved the navigation so that Station never opens a second tab for Slack and others. You can keep all your conversations on a single page!
🔨 What improved
  • Station opens 10x faster
Don't lose even 1 sec! We've improved the performance and now Station opens faster than ever ⚡️
  • A lighter and snappier extension
We worked on the size and performance of the extension. We also improved the speed at which results pop up.
  • A more intuitive search
We've made the search experience more natural by allowing queries mixing an app name, a title, and/or a URL root (before you could only search those separately).
🐞 What's fixed
  • We've fixed the bug that affected the opening of Station. The extension will now work on any tab by clicking on the extension icon or using the keyboard shortcut.
  • We've also made sure that you can always find your history when adding a new App Filter.