Version 2.3.0 (Extension)
🌟 What's new
  • Google Drive Icons
You can now easily differentiate between different resources in Google Drive (Spreadsheet, Doc, Forms, etc.).
  • Re-order app filters
You can make your workspace feel more like home now and move the app filters wherever it suits you best!
🔨 What improved
  • 10x faster search
We've greatly improved our score engine which does the tedious job of identifying the most relevant results from your history. It used to be slow, it's now 10x faster than before! ⚡️
  • 4x smaller package
Station is now a lot smaller in size which also helps to make it faster.
  • Removed web searches from "Recents" and search results
We used to display previous web searches from your history in the results. We've learned that rarely do we go back to a previous web search and it just cluttered your search results. It's been removed.
  • Prevent personal and media apps from installing at onboarding
It was a bit of an awkward experience when personal apps like Facebook pre-installed at the onboarding. Station is focused on work hence we'll only pre-install work applications from now on. You can still install personal apps from the App Store of course.
🐞 What's fixed
We've squashed some annoying bugs including:
  • displaying empty state for Recent history in app filters by mistake
  • recents did not switch back to the tab when detached
  • searching common keywords made Station crash
  • the "Recents" in app filters showed the "All Recents", not the app specific ones