🌟 What's new
  • Customize Station to fit your workflow
Add, re-order or remove views. Increase or decrease the number of results in the most visited and recent history sections. You can do it all! In the coming weeks, we'll add a lot more views for you to choose from!
Step1: Click on the settings wheel in the top right-hand corner of the interface
Step 2: Choose "Customize your views"
Step 3: Customize Station, it works both for your history or power-ups like Google Drive.
  • New Google Drive views... fully customizable, of course!
Yes, Power-ups have special views. Connect Google Drive and access the latest comments and edits from your team, find files you starred, documents you updated recently, and more. Need some help connecting a Power-up? Read more here
You can edit Google Drive views by clicking on "Customize your views" in the settings.
🔨 What improved
  • Improved the most visited view
The most visited view sometimes showed very recent results instead of the most visited ones. This has been fixed, only frequently visited pages will be displayed.
  • Deduplication rules for Notion, Whimsical, and others
Sometimes, after a title change Station showed several instances of the same result. Now, we always match the URL to the right page and show only one result with the updated title.
🐞 What's fixed
  • Fixed Station's behavior on some banking apps
Some of you told us that Station interfered with banking interfaces such as CapitalOne. This has now been fixed.