Version 2.7.2 (Extension)
🐞 What's fixed
  • New Tab
    : focus was lost when clicking inside the New Tab page and outside the Station interface.
Version 2.7.0 (Extension)
🌟 What's new
  • Global Keyboard Shortcut ⌨️
You can now trigger the Quick-Switch from anywhere outside your browser ⚡️ You can easily set it up in the settings of your browser, we explain how to do that here.
  • Copy link 🔗
Often during the day, we open new tabs simply to copy a URL and share it. Now, you can do that straight from Station by clicking the "copy link" on the right side!
  • Currently open tab
We've made it clearer now whether you are switching to a resource that is already opened in your browser. Detecting open tabs helps you keep a cleaner workflow throughout the day!
🔨 What improved
  • Fixed flickering of the search results
When searching for something, the search now shows the result without the annoying flicker!
  • Fixed flickering of the app filters
Many of you love the app filters but they used to be slow to load. It's now instant!
  • Removed duplicate results
It could happen, while editing the name of a document, that you found duplicate results without the full name of the note (still being written). We've fixed that and you'll now always have the latest result show.
Version 2.6.0 (Extension)
🌟 What's new
  • Station in the New Tab
Many of you mentioned they had a hard time remembering the keyboard shortcut. We've integrated Station into your new tab so you can access it without having to learn a new habit. If you do CMD+T to open a new tab, a simple "Tab" will bring you to Station so you can search your work!
You can switch it off
. We understand some of you might already have an extension overriding the new tab or simply want to keep it blank. Simply go to your settings ⚙️and select "Show the default browser page"
  • Onboarding flow
We've made it easier for new users to understand and set up Station so it works best for them. You are now welcomed with more information about the app filters and data privacy.
  • Open in new tab (CMD+Enter + CMD+Click)
Let's say you need to start working on a new task requiring 3 different apps. You can now open them in a row without ever leaving the Quick-Switch! Simply hit CMD+Enter or CMD+Click)
🔨 What improved
  • Login flow for integrations now happens in the new tab
Connecting Google Drive and Slack now happens in a new tab (rather than a popup) where you are already logged in. A few clicks and you are all set ⚡️ (Go to Edit Apps 👉 Power-Ups)
  • Revert to showing the current tab in search results
We had removed it because we thought it wasn't useful but many of you sometimes forget you are on the right page. It's now back.
🐞 What's fixed
  • Fixed multiple sources of flickering in the interface and specific cases where the focus on the search was lost.
Version 2.5.0 (Extension)
🌟 What's new
  • Power Up!
It's the start of new beginnings! We've added 2 integrations to help you search exactly what you need. Connect the new
in the new section in the AppStore and you're set!
(Settings > Edit apps > Power-Ups)
Google Drive
: search anything in your Google folders, docs, sheets, slides.
: search for Direct Messages, Group Messaging, Channels.
🔨 What improved
  • App filter navigation is faster
Navigation between apps is snappier, resources are displayed instantly ⚡️
  • Station opens faster
We continued to work on the performance and it improved by 75%, it now loads in less than 100 ms!
  • Results are more pertinent
We've improved the results of your search based on the frequency you visit those pages.
  • Loading state while searching
We now display the right loading state when you are searching and waiting for a result. No more "No Results" when we are actually still searching for your query.
  • Unselect an app filter
Sometimes we can forget we are searching and an app is selected in the filters. So we don't find what we are looking for and it's frustrating. Well now we remind you that you have a filter activated and you can disable it in one click.
🐞 What's fixed
  • We've fixed the bug where when hitting CMD in Station, it would scroll and bring you to the top of the result list.
  • We've also added the missing arrow icon indicated that a tab is already open in the Most Used section.
Version 2.4.0 (Extension)
🌟 What's new
  • All your chat navigation in one tab
Chat apps don't need several tabs in the browser ;) We've improved the navigation so that Station never opens a second tab for Slack and others. You can keep all your conversations on a single page!
🔨 What improved
  • Station opens 10x faster
Don't lose even 1 sec! We've improved the performance and now Station opens faster than ever ⚡️
  • A lighter and snappier extension
We worked on the size and performance of the extension. We also improved the speed at which results pop up.
  • A more intuitive search
We've made the search experience more natural by allowing queries mixing an app name, a title, and/or a URL root (before you could only search those separately).
🐞 What's fixed
  • We've fixed the bug that affected the opening of Station. The extension will now work on any tab by clicking on the extension icon or using the keyboard shortcut.
  • We've also made sure that you can always find your history when adding a new App Filter.
Version 2.3.0 (Extension)
🌟 What's new
  • Google Drive Icons
You can now easily differentiate between different resources in Google Drive (Spreadsheet, Doc, Forms, etc.).
  • Re-order app filters
You can make your workspace feel more like home now and move the app filters wherever it suits you best!
🔨 What improved
  • 10x faster search
We've greatly improved our score engine which does the tedious job of identifying the most relevant results from your history. It used to be slow, it's now 10x faster than before! ⚡️
  • 4x smaller package
Station is now a lot smaller in size which also helps to make it faster.
  • Removed web searches from "Recents" and search results
We used to display previous web searches from your history in the results. We've learned that rarely do we go back to a previous web search and it just cluttered your search results. It's been removed.
  • Prevent personal and media apps from installing at onboarding
It was a bit of an awkward experience when personal apps like Facebook pre-installed at the onboarding. Station is focused on work hence we'll only pre-install work applications from now on. You can still install personal apps from the App Store of course.
🐞 What's fixed
We've squashed some annoying bugs including:
  • displaying empty state for Recent history in app filters by mistake
  • recents did not switch back to the tab when detached
  • searching common keywords made Station crash
  • the "Recents" in app filters showed the "All Recents", not the app specific ones
Version 2.2.0 (Extension)
🌟 What's new
  • Web Search in the Quick-Switch
Do you keep coming back to your chrome bar to do a Google Search? Well, no need anymore! You can now do this directly from Station: simply hit CMD+E, type your search and you're done! We even added Google suggestions.
🔨 What improved
  • Duplicates are gone!
We used to show a lot of duplicated results. We've now fixed that issue which should significantly increase the relevancy of your results.
  • Access to the Station 2.0 Beta board on Canny
All Station 2.0 users can now post directly in our community without having to create an account, simply log in with your Station 2.0 credentials.
🐞 What's fixed
  • Scrolling in the app filter is no longer laggy
  • Search results are now clickable 100% of the times
  • Fixed navigation fails after detaching a tab in the browser
Station Extension - A new era ✨
We are reinventing Station!
Station is now a
browser extension
offering you the fastest, most powerful search across all your work apps 🚀
This means we won't support or update the Station desktop app anymore. All the future changelogs or feature requests will be focused on the Station extension.
Check out our private Beta and discover the story behind this new era for Station ✨
Version 1.65.0
Released on 2020 Feb 26
🔥 What we added
  • Upgrade to Electron 7 (Chrome 78).
♻️ What changed due to Electron 7
  • Gmail extensions are not longer working.
  • In a rare case, Slack integration in the Search and Recents is not working.
🗑 What we removed
  • Email suggestion menu that didn't work well in email inputs.
Version 1.64.1
Released on 2020 Jan 05
🐞 What we fixed
  • Fixed Grammarly broken
  • Fixed invisible windows opened from gmail links
  • Fixed platform shortcuts for Google Drive (User Agent)
  • Fixed favicon quality
  • Fixed link sometimes not opening
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